Conduct a Safe Ride
Maintain a Safe Speed for Conditions and Riders Capabilities
Signal Riders of Intended Lane Changes, Stops, Road Conditions and Formation Changes
Maintain Control and Integrity of the Group
Pre-Ride the Route.
Map the Route
Establish Rest Area's
Set Gas Stops about 100 mile intervals
Make allowances for Road Construction and Hazards
Brief Riders before the Start of the Ride
Explain the Ride Plans
Route to be taken
Length of the Ride
Scheduled Stops
Restroom Breaks
Identify when and where the Official Club Ride Starts and Ends
Identify other Road Captains for the Ride
Identify Tail Gunner(s) for the Ride
Explain the duties of the Road Captain and Tail Gunners
Question the Rider about any special need or concerns they may have
Small Gas Tanks and/or Bladders
Freeway Traffic
Twister Roads
Riding Position
Explain the Club Rules for Member and Guest Riders
Illegal Drugs and Alcohol
Alcohol before and during a Club Ride
Illegal Drugs - Never
Group Riding Rules
Hand Signals
Along with the Tail Gunner, do a bike and rider count.
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